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You're vaccinated now, so can you go to a restaurant? What you should know
As the vaccinated percentage of the population increases, you may be wondering whether now is finally the time to enjoy a meal that isn't homemade or takeout.

The man recreating airplane meals to get through lockdown
Some of Nik Sennhauser's earliest memories are of long-haul flights -- and of eating on a plane.

Queen opens Buckingham Palace gardens for picnics this summer
Green fingered enthusiasts will be able to freely roam the gardens of London's historic Buckingham Palace this summer, as Queen Elizabeth II allows self-guided tours of the grounds for the first time in the palace's history.

How to make your own airline food at home during Covid-19
Not many of us would choose airplane food as our top choice, but Nik Sennhauser missed airplane food so much during the pandemic, he is now creating these dishes at home. Here's how you can do it too.

The women explorers who changed the travel world
They'd traveled hundreds and thousands of miles between them, but explorer Blair Niles and one-time spy Marguerite Harrison were disappointed to learn that they were deemed unsuitable to join the Explorers Club.

With just $21, Hong Kong man sails to a new life in the US
Sitting in Eddie Fong's living room in Palo Alto is a 55-year-old model of a traditional Chinese junk boat.

Now you can move into an Italian house for just $12,000
Finding a dream house in Italy just got easier. Two towns ,Carrega Ligure in northern Italy and Latronico in the deep south, have created online platforms where buyers can view photos, maps and details of old abandoned buildings on sale and get directly in touch with the owner.

Car ferries in the skies: The rise and fall of the Aviation Traders Carvair
If an aviation enthusiast were to compile a roster of the world's weirdest looking planes, the ATL-98 Carvair would definitely merit a place of honor.

Inside Turkey's incredible underground city
Cappadocia in central Turkey is a unique landscape of naturally occurring rock formations known as "fairy chimneys" beneath which a city has been carved over hundreds of years.

These American expats are willing to travel more than 5,000 miles for their shots
Americans living overseas seem to be heading back to the United States in growing numbers to get vaccinated -- especially those in Europe frustrated by a vaccine rollout that the World Health Organization slammed in a recent report as "unacceptably slow."

Exclusive look inside the US supersonic presidential jet
The news broke last September that a California start-up was working with the US Air Force on developing a supersonic plane which could be used as Air Force One.

How to move to Dubai and work remotely for a year
As global business and travel hubs remain largely closed off to the masses, Dubai is making entry easier than ever for international visitors.

Ancient mummies to parade through streets of Cairo
A celebration is being held as remains of some of Egypt's most legendary ancient rulers are being transported on special vehicles to what may be their final resting place in National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Venice finally bans cruise ships from its lagoon
Cruise ships currently dock in the city center, gliding past the historic St Mark's Square on their way in. But now the Italian government has banned cruise ships from the lagoon entirely.

The destinations open to travelers vaccinated against Covid-19
From Belize to Iceland, these countries are lifting restrictions on leisure travelers if they've been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Egypt's unreal 'snowy' mountains become a tourist hit
Images of people frolicking in apparently snowy landscapes and sliding down what looks like icy mountains have created an unlikely tourism attraction in Egypt. But all is not as it seems -- the scenery is made of salt.

Asia's first 'travel bubble' opens between Taiwan and Palau
More than a year after Covid-19 was first detected, Asia's first "travel bubble" has finally launched.

Gibraltar has vaccinated most of its adults. This is what it's like now
People clinking wine glasses in bars and restaurants. Fans watching live soccer and boxing matches. As summer approaches, life has almost returned to normal in one tiny territory in southern Europe -- and there's a very good reason why.

Airplane cabin concepts that could change flying
Seating arrangements that can be changed in midair and improved inflight entertainment systems are among innovative airplane interior designs that have been rewarded at the latest Crystal Cabin Awards.

The Americans who bought a house in Italy over the internet
Michael and Aida Barrett bought a retirement home on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy -- without ever having been there.

Supersonic airliner could fly LA to Tokyo in under three hours
Right now, a lot of us can't even fly out of our own countries, but if Florida-based planemakers Aerion are to be believed, by the end of the decade we'll be able to jet between Los Angeles and Tokyo in under three hours.

What it's really like steering the world's biggest ships
Some of the world's biggest oceangoing vessels seem more like cities at sea than actual ships, so maneuvering these massive beasts -- from cruise ships to container vessels like the one currently blocking the Suez Canal -- is a tricky process fraught peril. This is what it's like to be at the helm of one of these leviathans.

Superyacht feature transports passengers underwater in minutes
The Hydrosphere concept can be deployed underwater from the hull of a vessel, immersing the owner and their guests into the surrounding ocean environment within minutes.

Six sought-after recipes from 'Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy'
With international travel still largely off the table, Italy lovers around the world are getting their fix any way and anywhere.

Is Thailand's Full Moon Party over for good?
It's approaching sundown on a full moon Saturday, but revelry is in short supply in Haad Rin, home of Koh Phangan's legendary Full Moon Party.

How the Seychelles is racing to become the world's safest destination
The Indian Ocean island destination is reopening to all visitors, apart from travelers from South Africa, with the hope of turning things around after seeing its revenues from tourism drop by 62% last year due to the pandemic.

Lessons I've learned as a Black traveler
Traveling has given me a stable sense of identity. It's a form of escape where I feel most confident, at peace and like myself.

Riding with strangers: Life on the Lahore Metrobus
After moving to Lahore in 2013, Pakistani artist Faizan Ahmad spent five years photographing the commuters he encountered on the Metrobus and documenting his interactions with them.

Should I travel? Expert advice on what to consider
An already powerful pent-up desire to travel has only intensified with global weariness of pandemic restrictions and the rollout of vaccines in some countries.

Kigali: A city with a new story to tell
A generation of young people is embracing age-old customs in a modern way and changing the narrative of Rwanda's troubled past.